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Submitting a design guidlines. Part 1.

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1 Submitting a design guidlines. Part 1. on Sun Nov 07, 2010 4:38 pm


In an effort to keep this section clean and comprehensive, you must adhere to the following guidlines.

* The designes will be posted with the intent of helping other forum members, by providing an enclosure design that they can use.

* This section is NOT for advertising in any shape or form.

* NO MS paint based drawings. It looks tacky and nobody will trust them. Google Sketchup is free, so go get it.

* The design will either be approved of, and stay where intended. Or the design will be deleted/removed by a moderator. No warnings will be given.

* The design will consist of no more that two 3D modeled images, unless the design complexity calls for more images.

* No copy's of other peoples designes will be tolerated. Posting a PWK design or other with a copyright or watermark that is not your own, and design that you did not create, will result in an insta-ban. The length of such a banning will be at the descretion of the paticular moderator. This also goes for copying designes posted on other message boards.

* The design submitted will either have NO specifications of space/tuning, or it will have reasonably accurate specifications.

* If a design is reviewed, and the specifications are found to be too inaccurate by one of our moderators or members, it will be removed.

* Posting the designs dimensions should be a no-brainer. If you post just a worthless image, it will be deleted, and you may be banned for abuse of the message board. The only exception to this is the "Complex design and show off" section where you may post an image for feedback.

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