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How to Become a UTCA Shop VIP.

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1 How to Become a UTCA Shop VIP. on Tue Dec 14, 2010 3:20 am


You will need to fit the following criteria, and send one of our Administrators a request, via a private message.

The idea Is to give a line of communication between people providing a service, and forum users. If your only intent is to advertise, don't bother. Advertising is fine in these sections, if approval is given. Shop VIP's are expected to be able to answer questions, and help message board users. For approval you will need to:

A: Represent a shop or you are a dealer.
B: Be a reputable installer.
C: Provide a relative service
D: All of the above.

Note: Any advertising without approval is considered spam. Spamming is not tolerated on this message board, and will be dealt with by means of frowny faces, fail pics, and perma-bannings.

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